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Winning lottery is simply a matter of luck. Right?


Winning a lottery is a mixture of many factors like planning, timing, and execution, and competence.

In that sense, there many factors that go into a lottery win besides plain old luck.

Well, there is a system here that seems to really eliminate many of the other factors besides luck from the equations. It is called: YABTCL.

What is YABTCL?

It is a very simple lottery that runs basing on the algorithm named: “provably fair”. It combines random seed generation, hashing, and random number generation, to arrive at the winner.

Signing Up

Getting started on YABTCL is a hassle-free task. You will only require a bitcoin wallet to get started (preferably, Copay). And then you are set to go.

YABTCL upholds the cryptographic manifesto of anonymity. In respect to this, it does not pick up your personal details, and so, you can participate in the games full anonymous and collect your winnings without being tracked down (as is common with most lottery winners).

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YABTCL has a ridiculously low withdrawal limit (0.0000543). This is a target you may be easily reaching almost every few minutes, if you’re good.

Available Options

A lot of options are available in the platform, such as: instant lottery, free lottery, tickets, draws, pools, investment games and auto play mode.


Also, the platform brands itself as totally fair platform which is only about delivering value to the players and ensuring that nobody is playing the system. In this way, impartiality is eliminated. Also, the platform keeps guard against frauds, who may introduce third party software into the system trying to “game the system”.

Auto Play Mode

This means that you can put your settings to the auto play mode and the lottery will proceed as usual.


The lottery is based on very strong security and your deposits are safe and you are guaranteed of receiving your winnings.


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