Xapo Wallet Review
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Xapo Wallet Review

Xapo is a bitcoin wallet with powerful security features.

The Xapo wallet is integrated into a trading platform and comes with a Xapo debit card.

This makes it easy to purchase and spend bitcoins all from one platform: Xapo.

Xapo’s decision to not make their source code public, unlike the GreenAddress wallet, seems to be a strategic move with a far-reaching goal.

You can choose to have your bitcoins stored at the Xapo vault, guaranteeing the security of your bitcoins, as the system uses top-notch security system.

Xapo wallet is fortunate to have enjoyed a global reception among bitcoiners; and basing on that, Xapo qualifies as a top-tier bitcoin wallet.

On the downside, Xapo does not have two step authentication, though.

It does not have the multi-sig feature too.

These are very grievous mistakes on their part as the worth of a bitcoin wallet only counts when wallet is secure.

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