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Wirex Bitcoin Wallet Review (Formerly E-Coin Wallet)

Wirex is at the frontline of mainstreaming digital currencies because it has provided bitcoins in the most convenient manner.

A powerful App.

Initially, Wirex used to be known as E-Coin, but the company rebranded as Wirex, and introduced a bunch of crypto products.


For all the simplicity that the BTC wallet provides, Wirex amplifies it even more.

Wirex has simply merged together bitcoins and fiat money in order to provide its users the best of both worlds.

Wirex is owned by the Blockchain security company; BitGo, and the wealth that is held in Wirex accounts is insured against any type of loss by the parent company.

Wirex App

Secure and convenient, it is easily the most powerful feature about the wallet. Through the Wirex App, you can keep control of both your digital funds and traditional money, with a tap of your mobile.

The Wirex App is linked to both your bank account and your cloud-hosted Wirex wallet, and so, you could trade with anybody stationed around the world from your house’s comfort; as the  App allows you to monitor (and act) on both your Wirex wallet and Local bank account.

Wirex Card  

A plastic card that you can use like you normally use any other bank-issued card.

You may use the Wirex Card to load, spend, save, and receive either fiat money or bitcoins.

For convenience, the one card basically covers all your bank accounts.


Like any other bitcoin wallet worth its salt, Wirex too has revved up security features, with the multi-signature functionality taking the first slot.

The multi-sig functionality will stall an outbound transaction until certain individuals have authorized the transaction, and in this way, fraud is prevented.


Using the Wirex App, you may send and receive bitcoins from anywhere in the world, and in either digital currency format or fiat money.


If you want an online banking account, worldwide-issued bitcoin debit cards, cheap money transfers, all of them stashed into one place, then, by all means, get Wirex.

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