Why bitcoin is being adopted by online casinos
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Why bitcoin is being adopted by online casinos

Bitcoin may be still in its developmental stage, but that doesn’t keep it from changing the “order”.

It has transformed a number of sectors since it came into existence, especially the finance.

For instance, bit startups like Neema and Casha are poised to take over from banks (go check what they are up to)

The appeal of bitcoin is mostly down to its decentralized nature, which means, bitcoiners never have to deal with any bureaucracy.

Also, bitcoin transactions are pretty fast, unlike what most other financial institutions could manage.

Bitcoin Casinos

And that is the reason why online casinos are shifting their attention to the bitcoin; a niche of online bitcoin casinos seems to be sprouting, and in time, I suspect that even other “traditional” websites will provide a bitcoin payment option.

Well, it is not hard to see why casinos are taking to bitcoins will so much glee (for one, there are no authorities to call them out and generally no shit-talking)

The first bitcoin casino came into being circa 2012, and although users were first worried about bitcoin’s security, they came to understand that cryptocurrencies are legitimate value tokens, and since their value keeps rising by the day, they are profitable too.


Bitcoin casinos like Vegascasino, and Bitcasino are some of the reputable portals out there, and users are cashing out.

There may be scammers lurking around, but with a simple background check, you can confirm whether they have scammed anybody else, in which case you must stay away.

Getting into any type of gambling is a high-risk activity, and so, you must always ensure that you stake an amount that you can afford to lose; otherwise, it’s gonna be bad for you.


Moving forward, I expect to see more sectors adapting the bitcoin, which should see its market cap break the roof.

For those who are starting now, keep the spirit, because bitcoin price is soon gonna break the $2000K mark, and your little SATOSHIs that seem a pittance now, will be worth a fortune!




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