WageCan wallet review
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WageCan Wallet Review

Benefits of using WageCan

1. You’ll get paid with blockchain assets

2. There are no chargebacks

3. You get lower fees

4. There is no bank account needed

5. ATM cash withdrawal from oversea accounts is activated


This Taiwan-based company offers a bitcoin wallet for both web and mobile apps.

As a new entrant into the scene, not much is known about the company, except for their apparent weakness of their system.

WageCan has neither a multi-signature transaction feature nor the 2 Factor Authentication!

Even an average wallet like CoinCorner wallet boasts of 2FA?

So whatever their (WageCan’s) intention might be, it’s already a fluke.

Considering how vulnerable digital wealth is against attack,

You just don’t take away the 2FA from a bitcoin wallet no matter what.

However, for what the wallet lacks in security features, it more than makes up with its perks.

WageCan Debit Card 

The wallet is accompanied by a debit card that you may use for your day to day needs.

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The application is hassle-free, and is inclusive of members of nearly all countries.

You can top up the card in a variety of ways:  via blockchain assets, website or mobile apps.

Also, you have a variety of purchasing options like, online shopping, point of sale and cloud service.

Users may take advantage of the daily bonuses handed out to increase their wages.

The card makes traveling a golden experience, as it is connected to over 30 million ATM networks nearly the world over, and you may cash out the equivalent of your digital wealth in the form of your local currency.

A user is normally issued two cards; one for business, and the other for home, and on top of that, there is a virtual card.


WageCan’s main criticism is down account security. Since its lacking in multi-sig and two-step authentication, your digital wealth is going to be greatly compromised.

Well, if you are fearless, you may well go ahead and sign up for an account, at least there are perks to be had.

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Another review of WageCan wallet

WageCan Website 


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