WageCan wallet review
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WageCan Wallet Review


WageCan is a Taiwan-based company that is playing a key role in the digital currency ecosystem.  WageCan helps to convert digital currencies into fiat money around the world and also allows customers to pay for their products in both online and offline retails using blockchain assets such as bitcoin. Offering fast and secure transactions, WageCan is utilizing modern technology to help sanitize the world of finance (which has already been choked by banks).

What Kinds of People Need WageCan?

The short answer: anyone that wants quick worldwide transactions at near-zero fees as well as maximum security for their financial assets (which is everybody, really)!

However, we feel that these three categories of people need WageCan most:

1. Merchants:

– Integrate digital currencies as an alternative payment method into your business

– Tap into a global client-base

– Wave adios to chargebacks that you probably encounter in say, PayPal.

– Enjoy low charges and save more money!

2. International Workers

– WageCan is designed to cater to the unbanked masses.

– Receive your wages in the form of digital currencies.

– Enjoy low fees and save up!

3. Miners

– Receive your profits from mining pools.

– Earn bonuses.

– Top-up anytime you want.

– Low fees!




WageCan Debit Card 

The WageCan wallet offers a feature-rich debit card with no activation fee. The card has a multicurrency support and anybody may use it for their day to day payments.

Applying for the WageCan debit card is hassle-free, and is inclusive of members of all countries, and the basic steps are:

1. Ordering your card via the website.

2. Filling out the Know Your Customer Form.

3. Uploading your photo ID and utility bill scan

4. Topping up your card via blockchain assets, website or mobile app.

The WageCan debit card affords you a variety of purchasing options, such as; online shopping, point of sale and cloud service. Users may well take advantage of the daily bonuses.

Travelers, this is for you: the card is connected to over 30 million ATM networks the world over, and so, you may cash out the equivalent of your digital wealth in local currencies!

A user is normally issued two cards; one for business, and another stay-at-home card, and on top of that, there is a virtual card available.


Debit Cards localized in USD, EUR, & GBP have different charges, as seen here.

But one thing is clear, these charges are extremely low, when you compare against other cryptocurrency debit cards like Cryptopay or Loadoo, and most especially, against traditional cards!


Security is a most important factor when it comes to digital assets. There are so many threats from every corner.

Hardly three months go by without an exchange suffering an attack and losing millions to hackers.

But I’m glad to inform you that WageCan is a different case altogether. Lets look at some of their security features that will guarantee maximum security for your digital assets.

1. Cold Storage  

Most of the customer wealth is stored in offline vaults under high security, which means, hackers don’t have a chance to “bug the system!”

2. MultiSig

Using the multisig functionality, you can enhance safety of your assets by ensuring that designated people must sign for every outbound transaction from your account.

3. Two Step Authentication 

Ensure secure logins with the two-step authentication factor, and in this way, keep non-authorized individuals from accessing your account.


WageCan is truly a great and feature-rich wallet that welcomes people from all backgrounds to explore digital currencies.


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