vaultoro exchange review
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Vaultoro Exchange Review

Vaultoro is an exchange platform where users may trade bitcoins for gold.

Based in the UK, Vaultoro provides fast and efficient services, and customer wealth is stored in powerful vaults with routine auditing.

Vaultoro keeps a +100% Bitcoin reserve and user’s holdings are kept in secure multi-signature cold storage wallets that are stored in multiple locations all over the world.


Vaultoro works in conjuction with ProAurum Switzerland, the largest precious metal dealer in Europe, to store your gold. In this way, customers are protected against damage or loss of their valuable commodity.


Vaultoro offers most pure gold directly off the kitchen.

The gold is held under your name and may transfer ownership at any time you wish.

If you have dealt in gold, you must know that gold is one of the easiest product to be scammed on. There are very many scammers making a kill out of fooling customers with fake gold. And for this reason, one should feel enciuraged by the presence of honest, first-rate companies like Vaultoro.

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I have scoured the internet with “scam vaultoro” keywords and nothing has come up yet. There is not a single case of anybody (friends and foes alike) claiming of being done in by Vaultoro, which is a great accomplishment by the way.


Vaultoro provides monthly payment and transaction records to its users. This is in compliance with financial acts in order that users may be able to fulfill their tax obligations and also keep track of their finances.


On Vaultoro, you may conduct business with other traders, and you won’t need a middle man for the job. In this way, you are saved from “middle man” charges. Also, Vaultoro offers very competitive prices.


The Vaultoro platform is wholly insured, which means, you can rest assured that should anything happen to the exchange, you are not to lose your wealth, as the insurance will cover the loss.


As a fast and efficient platform, Vaultoro stands imposingly above the rest as the best platform that bitcoin traders interested in gold exchange may join.

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