TrueFlip Review

What is TrueFlip?

True Flip is the international anonymous blockchain lottery with instant payouts, and transparent prize fund

TrueFlip Review

The game requires you to guess 5 various numbers from 1 to 49 and 1 from 1 to 26. After that, the system randomly draws 6 numbered balls, and if yours match the system’s, you win!

The lottery is blockchain-based and our systems utilize powerful technologies. These advanced IT technologies were added to completely turn over rules of the game that had not been changed for almost 500 years.

The goal was to make it more convenient, open, fair, and valuable. If you love lotteries, you won’t find anything better for the next 500 years.

All these advantages are possible due to Bitcoin – the digital currency having no central controlling body. All transactions are reflected in the open registry (blockchain), and any user monitors payment processing. Bitcoin network operates in 24/7 regime.

With that, one needs no documents, licenses, or registration to work with Bitcoin – it’s enough just to open a wallet at one of the numerous relevant websites. In fact, Bitcoin is accessible to everybody connected to the Internet. This monetary system, as well as our lottery which is based on Bitcoin is one of the most friendly and open technologies today.

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Despite the modern approach to implementation of the lottery, stories of winning always start with buying a ticket.


trueflip review

Advantages of Joining

  • 1 free ticket if you use my sign up link!

  • Extremely attractive ticket price – just 1$!

  • All draws are provably fair – we take last hash at 08:00 p.m. GMT (last ticket for the draw available by 07:30 p.m.) and put it in transparent algorithm (GitHub), so everybody can check honesty of results!

  • 2% affiliate Program for clients, where they can get lifetime bonuses from prizes won by their friends (so if one of clients’ friends wins Jackpot, he receives WOW Bonus from our company!)

  • Everything is processed through blockchain and fully transparent to clients (main code for drawings is available on GitHub)

  • Jackpot during ICO will be filled up with at least 500 btc (aim is 1000+ btc)

  • Token distribution is fully automatic with a convenient admin panel for clients

  • 24/7 top-grade customer support

  • Native support managers in: USA, Brazil, Japan, Malaysia, India, Russia (vacations in other countries are open)

  • All kinds of payments (Bitcoin, Mastercard, Visa, Epayments, etc.)

  • The game is really exciting and very easy to understand

  • Multilingual site (English, Spanish, Russian Chinese – available now; Portuguese, German, French, Japanese, Thai, Arabic, Italian, Indian are coming during April)

  • Stable mobile and desktop version

  • Draws take place daily

  • Clients can buy series of draws, so they don’t have to to login every day.

  • Strong security system

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TrueFlip Review

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