Top 6 darknet markets for illegal goods that use bitcoins - silk road alternatives
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Top 6 darknet markets for illegal goods that use bitcoins – silk road alternatives

Bitcons have long been the means of payment for illegal products in the deep web.

What’s the deep web? 

If I wanted to view your facebook account from Google, I’d simply type up your name, and press “search”.

Then the search engine results would come up, and your Facebook account would be listed; now this type of indexed results is called, the surface web.

The deep web is simply the opposite of the surface web, and it is basically the web pages that cannot be indexed by search engines like Google or Bing for whatever reasons.

Black markets

Most black markets operate from the deep web, and they provide hit men, drug dealers, and weapon brokers a market to sell their illegal goods or services.

The most famous black market was Silk Road, and it had traded goods worth around $1.5B before the FBI shut it down and arrested the proprietor, who’s now doing time in jail.

Digital currency and specifically bitcoin is the most convenient form of payment in the darknet markets.

Other darknet markets

The big question is; are there other black markets that have been modeled after Silk Road? Do they use bitcoins too? And the answer to the two questions is yes. Let’s look at some of the alternative black markets that operate on the deep web.

  1. Hansa Market

Hansa is a darknet market that allows merchants to upload listings of drugs, digital goods, jewelry, counterfeit, and more. By using digital currency, it has put in place a trustless payment system, so both vendors and staff can’t tell the real-world identity of their clients.

  1. Valhalla

Valhalla is a unique market because membership is only via referral. This ensures that the members have unity of purpose. Its payment system is escrow-backed and the wallets have multi-sig feature.

  1. Outlaw Market

This darknet market is known more for its security features than anything else. In order to access the portal, you must sign up for an account, and pass through rigorous captchas that are aimed to prove you’re human and not a bot.

  1. AlphaBay

Founded by a darknet veteran who calls himself alpha02, AlphaBay is an exclusive market for drugs, weapons, and stolen credit cards. It too has strong security features. And the volume of the listings is quite high (in the tens of thousands).

  1. Dream market

Unlike most other darknet markets, at dream market, one can browse through listings without first registering an account, but if they want to do business, then account registration becomes a necessity. Its powerful systems make the market scammer-free.

6. Middle-earth market

A deep web marketplace for all the illegal things you can think of, including hit men services. To view the listings, you need an account, though.


The deep web is obviously a dangerous place to be, and although the black markets may seem to offer anonymity, yet you never know what tricks government agencies may use to locate you as a client.

**If you wanna have a smooth life, just away from such.**


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