Tokenly Pockets Wallet Review
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Tokenly Pockets Wallet Review

Tokenly Pockets is a Chrome plugin for storing bitcoins and counteparty value tokens.

Free, and easy-to-use, Tokenly Pockets provides a most convenient way to buy, store, and use bitcoins.

The wallet runs entirely on your Chrome browser, and it does not let off your passphrase.

Tokenly Pockets has great reviews on the Chrome Store and more people are turning to the browser to heal their bitcoin-thirst.

Using Tokenly Pockets, a user may be able to keep their bitcoins and Counterparty value tokens in one basket, making for easy management.

Also, the wallet allows you to make a side-income by integrating your wallet with products from Tokenly Pockets.

Unlike the Coinapult wallet, Tokenly Pockets operates on open-source software, and also, you can create as many wallets as you want to, and rename them as you deem appropriate.

Using Tokenly Pockets, you can convert altcoins into bitcoins, and also, it lets you protect your passphrase with a password.

Tokenly Pockets features

Tokenly Pockets website 

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