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Tim Draper Targeted by a Thief Claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto

It seems that claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto is the in thing now in cryptocurrency circles. Over last few years many “Satoshi Nakamotos” have come out from the woods to take credit as inventors of bitcoin.

All were shown to be frauds.

Tim Draper is the latest would-be victim of a scam fronted by another fake Satoshi. According to Tim, the fake Satoshi was so convincing in his assertions as creator of the bitcoin protocol, and was at the verge of making a deal.

But then he tried to verify his claims and that idiot was sort of cornered and so he pulled a goner.

Tim Draper targeted by a fake satoshi nakamoto

In his twitter handle, Tim complained;

I just got targeted by a Satoshi fake. He was very convincing, and wasted a lot of my time. Could have been much worse. Watch out!

Ulterior Motive

Well, it has been established that the scammer’s motive was to get the billionaires support in order to pump up the price of a new altcoin. The idiot had been trying to lure a media outlet at the same time as Tim and they found out he was marshaling his weapons to pump up the price of a new altcoin.

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It is not known where this idiot comes from, but judging from history… He must be a either an Asian or a Russian… Since they make up most of cyber criminals.

Bitcoiners must keep vigilant against these frauds who are looking for an easy way into crypto-wealth.

In the meantime, the legislative arm should cover the crypto world as well, so that once a crypto-scammer is caught, there may be law to stipulate how the crook will “face the music”.

I’ll keep you updated about the scammer should he resurface.

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