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There’s a Serious Bitcoin Craze Amongst Black People

A few years back, bitcoin was a reserve for the techies, and the majority of the people never gave a shit about it.

Fast forward to 2017, and now bitcoin is the in thing. The digital gold has appreciated in value 6 times over since the year began.

In the black community, for you to be considered a cool kid now its not a matter of how fast you can spit the rhymes but the coolest kid right now in the hoods is the kid with the Trezzor hardware wallet and a few hundred Satoshis in it.

blacks people interested in bitcoins

The latest online-behavior statistics indicate that more blacks are researching on cryptocurrencies than anything else. In other words, bitcoin has knocked out black heroes and heroines like Idris Elba and Beyonce as the most searched for keywords.

Africa too is having a major share of the bitcoin cake, when you consider the involvement of countries like South Africa, Egypt, Morocco, Kenya, and Libya… And especially Nigeria.

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Well, after years of lagging behind technologically, it’s great to see the dark continent coming up, and even going as far as to having an African teenager contesting against advantaged mushy-ass white kids in the 2017 Google Coding Award and yet emerging as winner.

The only thing that is terribly needed within the black community is for kids to have worthy mentors and beyond that to have great leaders in the political scene and then we can be sure that blacks will have no more reason to complain of being put in a system that is designed to fail them.


Jessica May,

Cape Town

South Africa.


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