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World’s Top Richest Bitcoiners, 2017

Most people who have been mining bitcoins from way back are now millionaires!

And so.

If you just came into bitcoin, you ought to buy large sums of it, because a few years down the line one bitcoin will be worth a fortune.

Anyway, it is nearly impossible to know who the richest bitcoiner really is, because anonymity is a key pillar of the bitcoin philosophy. You can have a look at the addresses that hold most bitcoins here, but still, that wouldn’t be a clear pointer because a single individual might have more than one addresses!

The only way that we come to know of a rich bitcoiner is when that person outs himself. He may disclose his addresses as well as the bitcoins they hold.

Most of the rich bitcoiners who have come out in public seem to have already earned a spotlight in the technology business.

  1. Satoshi Nakamoto


Satoshi Nakamoto is credited as the founder of bitcoin. But his real identity is something that conspiracy theorists can only conjure up.

Satoshi used to contribute to online forums in the early days of bitcoin, and then once his invention took off, he took a back seat.

A post by him once claimed that he was a Japanese male and he still lived in Japan! However, this claim has not been verified wholly.

Experts have analyzed his posts in a bid to find out who the man really is.

Considering that he used to post in perfect British-worded English and that he used to post at a time when it was night in Japan, the bitcoin industry decided that his claim to be Japanese was an intentional misguidance from him.

Satoshi must be a brutally private individual!

However, his anonymity didn’t keep him from making millions out of his invention!

It is said that addresses attached to his wallets hold bitcoins in excess of one million!

At the current market price, his bitcoin stash would net him around $1.3 Billion!

  1. Winklevoss brothers


You might know these two brothers from the public war they made on Mark Zucks over Facebook. The Winklevoss and Mark Zucks were mates at Harvard.

After Mark launched Facebook, the brothers protested that Mark had stolen their idea, and started Facebook at their expense.

Well, the court awarded the brothers a fortune, and they went on to be venture capitalists. The brothers have invested in high-flying businesses and one of them is the cryptocurrency exchange named Gemini.

As owners of a bitcoin exchange they obviously must have a huge loot of bitcoins, and true as we imagine, they admitted that they own one percent of the bitcoin in circulation.  That is roughly 160000 bitcoins!

  1. Roger Ver


A controversial dude from the start, Roger Ver ran away from home at age 16 after he disagreed with his family.

He has been accused of selling explosives and he has tried to contest for a political seat and he has renounced his US citizenship in favor of Japan.

Roger Ver is the main guy in a chain of bitcoin startups like Bitpay and Kraken. And that’s how he made his stash of over 100 thousand bitcoins.

  1. Charlie Shrem


Charlie saw the potential in bitcoins at its earliest stage. Since bitcoins were worth peanuts back then, he bought a large quantity of them, dropped out of school, and started the now defunct bitcoin startup that had been named BitInstant. Customers from around the world would buy bitcoins from his company at a time that the prices were looking up.

He made a personal fortune of over $50 million!

  1. Tony Gullippi


Tony is the co-founder of the bitcoin startup named Bitpay; the largest bitcoin checkout in the world.

He has earned his bitcoins through a massive initial investment.




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