Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin mining is the process of adding new transaction records in the common ledger (blockchain).

Once recorded down, the transactions (or rather blocks) cannot be edited, and thus blockchain is as perfect as perfect goes.

Various computational programs are required to solve complex math in order to mine bitcoins. In the beginning, the problems were not so hard, and therefore, you could mine with CPU or GPU.

However, the difficulty increased significantly, and with it, the need for powerful computational tools.

And so, nowadays bitcoin mining is in the domain of the monied top-dawgs using powerful technologies.

Of course you can still mine bitcoins (and altcoins) out of your computer using such programs as Minergate, but you won’t get rich doing that.

Bitcoin miners that want to possess a substantial amount of bitcoins do it through cloud mining.

Cloud Mining

Cloud mining is the process of mining bitcoins in which processing power is distributed from a remote data center.

In this way, you can mine bitcoins by renting the service of a cloud miner.

Cloud mining companies exist to sell mining contracts to such people.

Best Cloud Mining Companies

1. Genesis Mining

Sells bitcoin mining contracts and is currently one of the largest cloud mining companies in the world. Their system is backed by a leading hardware company, and so miners get to mine bitcoins through the cloud-based system.

The best cloud mining company: Genesis Mining

Benefits of Joining Genesis Mining Include: 

Genesis Mining is among the pioneer cloud miners with farms in Iceland, Canada, and Bosnia.

Join over 500K active users.

Great support team.

Enjoy top-grade security.



2. Hashing24

Another giant of  a cloud miner, Hashing24, with its 100% uptime guarantee, extreme flexibility, and discounts, Hashing24 graduates as a trusted bitcoin cloud mining company.


the best cloud mining company: hashing24

Benefits of Joining Hashing24 Include:  

4% discount if you sign up with my link.

Automatic deposit of mined bitcoins to your wallet.

BitFury (an industry leader) supplies Hashing24’s mining power.

Affordable contracts.

Mining rigs are already set up for you, making it easy to start.

Access to world-class data centers.

Utilize newest ASIC technology, and both air and immersion cooling technologies.

100% uptime guarantee.

24/7 multilingual support.



3. Hashflare

Hashflare is another cloud mining company with low cost of entry and minimum expense. Hashflare’s goal is to make bitcoin mining both simple and affordable to everyone.

the best cloud mining company: hashflare

Benefits of Joining Hashflare Include:  

Affordable entry price.

Low maintenance fees.

Instant payments.

High Return on Investment per annual basis.