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The Review of Wall of Coins: American Bitcoin Exchange

Wall of Coins

Wall of Coins is an American bitcoin exchange.

The company offers an optimized trade platform to buyers and sellers alike.

The service is escrowed, and for that reason, buyers are shielded against thugs who might want to run off after receiving cash deposits.

Wall of Coins is owned by Genitrust, Inc, a company based out of Florida.

The company endeavors to open its doors to the entire world, but at present, these are the only countries it serves:

  1. United States
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Canada
  4. Argentina
  5. Australia
  6. Brazil
  7. Germany
  8. Latvia
  9. Mexico
  10. Poland
  11. Philippines
  12. Romania

Getting started

You’d be on your way toward possessing bitcoins shortly after landing on their website.

Wall of Coins does not require your intimate details during sign up, which means, accounts are not permanent.

You only have to provide your bitcoin address and your phone number.

Next, you’ll be brought into the marketplace where the bitcoin listings have been posted.

When you type in the amount you intend to purchase from a certain buyer, their financial details, more specifically, their bank account, will pop up.

And since the platform is escrowed to ensure zero-tolerance against scammers, you must first pay into the seller account, and the coins will be pushed to your address.

Wall of Coins is reputed for its quick services, unlike other exchanges where delays might run even into days.


You can buy bitcoins of as little worth as $5 and there is no upper limit to the amount you might buy.

However, at places like Wall of Coins, you will not encounter large-quantity traders.

The platform upholds transparency, and the deposit addresses have been put in the open.


Wall of Coins is famous for having an amazing support team.

When you are signing up, a support specialist named Laura will be available on speed dial.

Wall of Coins has a toll free number and also a live chat option.

The team is very approachable.


Wall of Coins offers: cold storage, secure transactions, and an amazing support team; all of which make it a first-rate bitcoin exchange.

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