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The Review of Unocoin: India’s Biggest Bitcoin Exchange

Unocoin is an Indian cryptocurrencies exchange.

It was founded in 2013 by four mates: Sathvik Vishwanath, Harish BV, Abhinand Kaseti, and Sunny Ray.

The circumstances that led to the creation of the exchange were purely coincidental, as the four men had attended a convention, and sort of awakened to the idea of providing bitcoins to the Indian population.

At present, Unocoin boasts of the largest trade volumes among exchanges in India, netting millions in monthly earnings.

The customers of Unocoin have a platform that makes it easy to buy, sell, store, and accept bitcoins.

Unocoin has benefitted from investor funds since its inception; but the most high-profile investor had been Barry Silbert, whose company, Digital Currency Group, injected over $400K into the exchange in its earliest days.

The subscriber base of Unocoin is bigger than that of any other exchange in India, and in light of the increased adoption of digital currencies, Unocoin’s subscriber base must be increasing at a rapid pace.

What is bitcoin?

If you want to understand fully what bitcoin is about: read this.


Aside from providing exchange services; where customers may exchange digital value tokens for rupees, Unocoin also provides wallet services, and in this way, users may download a wallet app and use it to store their bitcoins.


Unocoin gives back to the society by sponsoring local events like races and even student activities, but Unocoin’s main effort has been to sensitize businesses into accepting digital currencies as a form of payment. When businesses see the need to recognize bitcoins as a complement to fiat money, then more people will have a reason to immerse themselves into digital currencies.

Is your wealth safe?

Like all other major exchanges do, Unocoin also cold stores customer wealth.

They only have hot wallets to conduct daytime unobstructed trading.

The platform has a 2FA login procedure using the Google authenticator.

Also, it offers the functionality to generate offline paper wallets, and you can store safely both your private and public keys.


Unocoin started as a platform to only buy and sell bitcoins, but it expanded into other activities like airtime sale, wallet application, and now it offers merchant payment gateways. This shows the go-getting spirit of the company.

Unocoin is a legit exchange that anyone in India should climb on board.

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