Bitcoin review

Bitcoin Overview

Bitcoin is an innovative value token that is created and distributed digitally. This digital currency has triggered a revolution in the finance sector. Peer to Peer The bitcoin network is accessible by anyone with a computer and internet connection, and once he connects their node (computer) to the network, he becomes a peer. Worldwide payments

Grow Your Bitcoin Business

Business An entrepreneur must be willing to learn and must be ready to put in the work. Otherwise, you’re gonna close down your business and cry that life’s unfair. Bitcoin Business  It is much harder to make a profit from bitcoin than traditional business. Not that bitcoin is not a viable investment ground or anything.

Bitstrades Review

What is BitsTrades? BitsTrades is a platform designed to change the trading opportunities at Bitcoin, crypto-currency, Forex and Stock market. They are a team of dedicated professionals and expert analysts who have the knowledge and power to turn every investment into secure profit. Ever since the founding ten years ago, Bitstrades has worked hard to

CreditBit Daily Trade Volumes Close to Crossing the $1.5Million Mark

The cryptocurrency platforms these days are a dime a dozen. While a new altcoin makes it into the market every other day, only a handful of them remains as they tend to solve a real-world problem among other things. CreditBit is one such cryptocurrency which has been around for a while and presents a promising

WaveCrest Announces New Debit Card Compatible with ERC20 Tokens

Debit cards have slowly earned their place in the world of cryptocurrency. Quite a few different cards are available already. Most of these tools support Bitcoin, albeit TokenCard plans to do things differently. In fact, the plan is to issue a new debit card which allows users to spend any digital asset they want. This

Russia to Soon Get Its Own National Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology has received significant attention at the ongoing Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum. The Russian Central Bank made an important announcement regarding its plans to introduce a national cryptocurrency during the event. The introduction of a national cryptocurrency comes at a time when Russia is mulling over the possibility of legalizing Bitcoin

Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies Find a Place in the International Economic Forum

The use of blockchain technology in the banking sector has received yet another endorsement, this time at the International Economic Forum currently being held in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The event, witnessing participation from over 40 ministers, businessmen, and others from 26 different countries covers some of the major aspects of the global economy, trade, and

Bitcoin Price Watch; Here’s What We’re Looking At This Morning

We have come to the end of the week in our bitcoin price trading efforts and it is time to take a penultimate look at the market heading into the European session start. Things have been pretty interesting this week, and we have had plenty of volatility and – with this volatility – plenty of