SpectroCoin Wallet Review
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SpectroCoin Wallet Review

SpectroCoin is an easy-to-use bitcoin wallet for mobile users.

Like GateHub wallet, SpectroCoin also has a built-in exchange platform.

Suited for Android,  iOS and Windows phone, users may download this wallet and get started on securing their blockchain assets.

SpectroCoin not only provides security for your bitcoins, but also, it allows you to spend your funds in online stores or any other place that accepts bitcoin payment.

The wallet has powerful security features, as it is protected by strong authentication parameters, so only the wallet-owner has total control.

Customer wealth is held in offline storage, and for that reason, you are sure that if hackers visited, they would get anything.

Using this wallet, you will have full access to blockchain, and manage your bitcoin addresses linked to your SpectroCoin wallet.

SpectroCoin features

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