So, you have made up your mind to secure your retirement with gold, and are ready to create a gold IRA, but still you are unsure of one thing; which gold company would be your best dealer?

There are many companies to select from: American Bullion, Noble Gold, Lear Capital, Silver Cub etc, but in total honesty, all of these companies are NO MATCH to Regal Assets!

If you think I’m a no-brain Sycophant on a payroll, please open a new tab on your browser and look at the customer reviews for Regal Assets and then compare against other companies.

What you’ll find is that Regal Assets has the largest volume of reviews, but most importantly, nearly all of them are rated Five Star. Still a doubting Thomas?

Here are six reasons to choose Regal Assets!

– A+ rating from Better Business Bureau. Regal Assets attained the highest possible rating from BBB which is an A+. It obviously takes a rare kind of excellence in business practice to achieve that.

– Featured member of the Business Consumer Alliance. The Customer Service Department is made of professionals that sell the company without overstepping boundaries. And customers who have been contacted by Regal Assets have nothing but great things to say for the company.

– Ranked #20 by Ink Magazine! Global media recognizes the Tsunamic presence of Regal Assets; and the Ink Magazine ranked it #20 in the US in the Financial Services Niche!  

– Membership with TrustLink! Their membership with TrustLink is another brag-worthy achievement.

– Anti-Scam Course. One thing to keep in mind about the gold industry; there are millions of thieves and scamsters and posers. They will find you and try to test your stupidity-limits. It’s hard to spot them.

Thankfully, Regal Assets took it upon itself to enlighten customers and potential customers on how to spot a scam a mile off with their FREE guide!

– Cool CEO. Have you seen the CEO of Regal Assets? He’s a great guy named Tyler Gallagher. He spread his coolness around and now his whole team embodies a certain kind of coolness that’s hard to describe. You just feel it.


Regal Assets is a fast-rising private company and the undisputed leader in the gold and precious metals business niche. It is a customer-centered company that makes a profit after first providing greater value. So, do everybody a favor and get in touch with them by requesting you FREE investment kit.

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