The world is in an economic turmoil and anyone denying it must be the king’s child. What we are witnessing now are the signs of an impending economic depression. And trust me. The depression is not a long way off. The main thing with economic depressions is that the lives of most people are ruined, yet in the same breath, there’s always the group that goes up from earning low wages and graduates into great wealth. How do they make it happen? Do they use powers of magic? Certainly not. These are ordinary folk who are great at forecasting the future and positioning themselves so that they have an advantage.

Say you have two guys. Guy one gets a 100K paycheck today and he puts it in a FDA. Guy two also gets a 100K paycheck and instead of putting in bank he instead buys a commodity whose value is appreciating. Three years later and the stock markets have failed and the paper wealth is gone. Guy A has lost his fortune. But Guy B grows richer by the day because he stored his wealth in a commodity whose value was on the rise.

Why are the smart investors turning to gold?

Stock market crash. With the dollar losing its value, one thing we are certain to see is the crash in stock prices. And that way, assets will have near-zero monetary value.

Increased rate of foreclosures. The cost of living is at an all time high. Unlike the past when most citizens held stable jobs, and earned enough money to buy assets and there’d be money left over, nowadays there’s not enough money to live on, let alone buy a house, and getting a mortgage on your main salary you run the risk of losing your property, as many have.

Currency fail. The dollar (and foreign currency) is losing its value slowly, actually fast, irredeemably. History shows that every paper currency failed. The dollar will follow suit.

Unemployment. It used to be only the youth because of lack of skills and inexperience, but nowadays, even old people have no jobs. I know of many “old” graduates who are still looking for work and they think that the universe is against them. Imagine how it will be like when the collective rage inside of these people will get an opportunity to be released.

National Debt. The government tries to remedy the situation by injecting more money into the economy instead of creating wealth. It’s the main reason why the value of dollar is on a downward spiral.

Inflation. Have you ever seen the wads of cash that Zimbabweans use to buy e.g. cars? When the whole world reaches that level we will have a major economic crisis.


To protect yourself against the impending economic damnation, please store your wealth in a valuable commodity like gold, which has proven itself for over 5000 years.

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