What to Know about Self-Directed IRA’s

Self-directed IRA’s are slowly becoming popular retirement savings model, and they are much the same as traditional IRA’s, with the only difference being that self-directed IRA’s allow you to invest in non-traditional assets. An individual gets to have many investment options with a self-directed IRA.

Self-directed IRA’s are the best way for an individual to invest in an asset that they have knowledge of as it gives them leverage. The alternative assets you may invest in with a self-directed IRA range from real estate, private business, LLC’s, precious metals etc etc.

Precious Metals

One of the most popular alternative asset seems to be precious metals and especially gold. In recent years, gold has been gaining value at a crazy rate, while paper currency has dwindled, and it has led to investors holding their wealth in precious metals, since they fear that the value of paper wealth may erode and make them lose their money.

The biggest hurdle to an investor is to get a qualified custodian or trustee to hold and administer their assets. The custodians or trustees are authorized to execute investment transactions with the investor’s advice as long as it legal. There are rules and regulations. Custodians must not advice on the investment-type.

There’s a long list of benefits attached to a precious metals IRA but the two main ones are: you get direct control of your retirement savings and an easy chance to increase your wealth.      

So are you ready to transfer or rollover your existing IRA into a self-directed precious metals IRA?

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