Self-directed IRA’s aren’t new; they have been around for years but have not gained popularity until recently.

Unlike IRA’s managed by brokerages or other financial institutions, what you invest in isn’t limited by a broker’s area of expertise or willingness to invest broadly.

Self-directed IRAs allow a level of freedom and control not offered by other types of IRAs.

Is a Self-Directed IRA For You?

A self-directed IRA gives you control of your investment. As it is not limited by the area of expertise of a broker or financial manager, an investor may invest in what they feel like or know about. Some of the more common investments available include: real estate, livestock, private businesses, tax liens, and precious metals.

Why you should invest in a precious metals IRA  

Precious metals are about the best alternative assets to invest in, particularly gold and silver.

As the price of gold shoots up, investors are securing their wealth by buying physical bullion. Paper currencies on the other hand seem to be doing badly and the dollar continues to lose its value. Financial analysts say that this is a major sign of the looming economic crisis.

The biggest challenge to an investor is securing a trustee or custodian to administer the choice investor asset.

The downside of having a self-directed precious metals IRA

The self-directed IRA gives an investor so much power, and the trustee or custodian is not required to offer counsel, which is unlike the role of a traditional custodian who is normally an expert.

The burden of putting things to the straight lies with the investor. In case of an error on the part of the investor, the custodian is not even required to correct you.


Expertise is somewhat overrated. As long as you can apply yourself, you can really learn all there is to learn. So, don’t shy away from self-direced IRA’s, as they give power to the investor.

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