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Satoshi Nakamoto’s Real Identity – Was it Michael Clear, Dorian Nakamoto, Hal Finney, Craig Wright Or Vitalik Buterin?

Satoshi Nakamoto is credited as the publisher of the bitcoin network. In the early developmental stage of the bitcoin network, Satoshi made low-key appearances on online forums, breaking down the P2P network concepts, and when he was certain that his invention had gathered enough speed to roll on its own, Satoshi faded away!

His real identity     

The only piece of information about himself he’s alleged to have disclosed is that he was a Japanese male. But how true could that be? Programmers agree that the Bitcoin Core is much too advanced to have been developed by one person. It’s possible that Satoshi Nakamoto was the name of a firm that released the bitcoin network onto the blockchain. Since the network is based on an open source protocol, Satoshi effectively distributed his property rights to the peer network.

The name might sound Japanese, and his online account too may have professed him Japanese, but logic says otherwise. Considering that the entity behind bitcoin was obsessed about “privacy”, then, wouldn’t a misleading moniker be one of his tools? My aim is not to disappoint the Japanese who take pride that Satoshi is one of them; I’m just thinking out loud.

In order to outline his invention, Satoshi published a paper on the cryptography mailing list, done in English. Also, the quality of English that had been used on his online account indicated a native-born English speaker. In all communication channels, Satoshi never once used a language other than English.

The posts associated with the online Satoshi account only came up when it was daytime elsewhere apart from Japan. Assuming he was not a night-person, then obviously Satoshi was a resident of someplace else, and might not have been even Japanese.

Why would he want to be anonymous?        

I don’t understand why any right-thinking person would distance themselves from such an outstanding invention. But this genius or group of geniuses were focused on taking the limelight away from themselves. Maybe Satoshi was not emotionally prepared to handle praise or he was a genius in the vein of Nikola Tesla or it was simply against his philosophy, but no one really knows why Satoshi shunned away from the easy road to fame and fortune.

How rich is he?

The public ledger shows that addresses associated with Satoshi hold a million BTC’s. There’s no certainty in this claim, though. However, one million BTC’s converted into fiat money would run into a billion dollars.

People Who Have Been Outed As Satoshi Nakamoto

① Michael Clear


Michael Clear is a cryptography enthusiast and a graduate of Trinity College. When the search for Satoshi was at the peak, journalists stumbled on Clear’s blog, and they were amazed at his understanding of the blockchain technology at a time when it sounded like Greek to everybody else. They decided he was Satoshi, which was a weak judgment, obviously.

② Dorian Nakamoto


It’s sad that Dorian’s association with Satoshi brought him more trouble than good. Dorian is a California-man with a Physics degrees and military experience. Newsweek outed him as Satoshi solely on their name correlations, and it came at a time when Dorian was out of a job, and for some weird reason, the controversy made it even harder for him to secure a job. After many denouncements by Dorian and a court war, Newsweek took down the story.

③ Hal Finney

Another reclusive Cryptography enthusiast, a neighbor of Dorian Nakamoto, was identified as the real Satoshi. Investigations were done and it was seen that the two had correspondence that touched on the blockchain, had exchanged notes, and were involved in classified operations.

④ Craig Steve Wright


Dude took to his Twitter handle and bleated that he was Satoshi Nakamoto.

Craig Wright, you ain’t Satoshi, yo swine!

The journalists made a wild rat-chase and found him in a hole in Australia. He might be a “programmer” and a “businessman” yes but I’m not convinced someone with a life like his (or a twitter handle like his) would have made the Bitcoin Core.

⑤ Vitalik Buterin


The guy who founded Ethereum had also been involved in Bitcoin in its early days, and for some reason, I want to believe he was the shadowy founder of Bitcoin!

⑥ Alien


What if…



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