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Dan McArdle review is a disruptive software company that aims to monitor, investigate, and locate users of bitcoin and other digital currencies.

Bitcoin Philosophy

If you are a bitcoin user, you obviously know that this software is against the “anonymity” philosophia inherent in bitcoin, and so much more reinforced in newer digital currencies like Zcash.

We don’t want anybody to know about us! We want to conduct our transactions anonymously, or rather, pseudonymously.

But this software is up against changing that.

Benefits would be great for security purposes. If, for instance, a crime was committed, the software would assist us track down the identity and location of the address owner, and effectively, help us nab the criminal.


To tell the truth, there are more disadvantages attached to this software than advantages.

As bitcoin users, we want the bitcoin network to stay as it was intended by our father of anonymity Satoshi Nakamoto.


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