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Ronnie Moas Predicts Bitcoin Price at $100000 in 10 Years!

There are a lot of factors that have contributed to the ever increasing price of bitcoin. One of them is the weakening of traditional money system and the colossal debts that all national governments seem to be stuck in. It is safe to conclude that in a few years, there’ll be a financial meltdown, and many people will be left penniless.

That’s why it would serve you well if you took alternative measures to preserve your future by holding your assets in diversified portfolio by including e.g. gold and bitcoin!

Bitcoin has appreciated in value six times since the start of the year, and if it keeps the same pace, then very soon bitcoin will be worth an astronomical amount of money.

Great financial minds like Bill Gates and Tim Draper have hailed bitcoin as a technological tour de force.

And at a time when bitcoin is struggling to prove itself to authorities, it has received backing from Ronnie Moas, who has come out to say that the future can only be bright for bitcoin and digital currencies in general.

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ronnie moas says bitcoin price will be $100000 in ten years

He has predicted that bitcoin, currently priced at $4000, will be worth over $100000 in the scale of coming ten years.

Ronnie Moas is a respected Wall Street Analyst and his words may cause a lot of people to turn their attention to bitcoin.

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