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Reveal, Ask Me Anything: Social Media App


Josh Beal

reveal, ask me anything overview


Matt Ivester

reveal, ask me anything overview


Here’s one of the realest social media apps powered by blockchain.

It’s called “Reveal – Ask Me Anything”.

As the name suggests, Reveal – Ask Me Anything is an app that lets users ask each other questions, and the reply might be a photo or video, and is shared with their followers.

Reveal has been tauted as the new way for letting the world know about you. You can ask anyone anything!

Reveal Coin 

Reveal coin is the e-currency attached to the Reveal app, and is earned through the level of user activity.

If this technology is scaled, it could easily become the best advertising channel, because users must actively engage an advertisement unlike other mediums like TV or FB or Twitter where engagement is not guaranteed.


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