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Remitano P2P Marketplace Review

For some reason I like buying bitcoins out of a P2P marketplace as opposed to, say, an exchange. Well, the reasons are obvious. P2P markets have not many rules (fuck rules) and as long as you’re legit then you’ll have a nice time both buying and selling from a P2P marketplace.

LocalBitcoins appears to be everybody’s favorite P2P bitcoin marketplace. The platform is global and is operated by a team of nerds based out of Finland. LocaBitcoins made waves recently as the bitcoin price revved up when they posted sales in excess of $45M!

Well, there is a new kid on the block!

It is named Remitano!

remitano p2p bitcoin marketplace


The P2P market is operated out of Panama, a city in South America. Initially, they had set up Vietnamese as the default language on their website, and everybody insulted them.

So the management added English as an alternative language (dominant even) considering that the owners (Babylon Holdings) wanted to have a global market share of the P2P bitcoin markets.


Buying or selling on the platform is quite an easy task. Depending on the adoption rate of bitcoin in different countries, some markets have high trade volumes, and others have low trade volumes. But you’re sure to find both seasoned and newbie traders on the Remitano platform.


Bitcoin is a cas system that prides itself as the death of banks as we know them. Remitano reinforces this quality in their abandonment of banks in their services. Of course you’ll need a bank to make payments, but beyond that, Remitano incorporates other faster payment methods for its customers.


The platform is overseen by wonderful support team and there are many ways to contact them. The team is professional and more importantly, skilled, and they are able to solve any problem you might have.


Remitano  only takes a tiny portion (0.1%) as processing fees. And if you’ve been doing business around bitcoin companies, you’ll recognize that that’s a great deal.


Hey, scamsters! Don’t even think about it. Remitano has in place an escrow system that eliminates trust between trading parties. You fulfill your end, and me mine, and the transaction sails through.

Join Remitano today 


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