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Read This If You Would Like To Earn One Free Bitcoin

Hey guys. So here we go. Lady luck visited upon me last night and… I won a bitcoin lottery from YABTCL!

YABTCL review

When people win lotteries they always say that they were not expecting it. Funny thing about me: I was totally expecting yesterday’s win because I had spent the day feeling something “good” was on the way. I naturally assumed it was that.


Now that I have an impossibly great amount of cash on me (secretly no less) I have chosen to follow my dream of moving away in my favorite city and starting a new life there. But I also want to make one of my readers happy.

And so, I’m rewarding one full bitcoin to the first ten persons that send me their bitcoin addresses (Send your addresses to: So each person will get 0.1 BTC.

It’s that simple guys! Be among the first ten to send me your bitcoin addresses and I’ll honor my promise! I will ask you to do totally nothing for me!

Why am I Doing This?

Because I feel it is the right thing to do. I have walked into a fortune by investing only $64. And so, if the universe has been that kind to me, I must try to pass around the kindness. It is the good thing to do (Steve Job’s voice).

 Future of Cryptocurrencies 

If you have been a bitcoin doubter, a bitcoin cynic, a neo-nazi, or a conspiracy theorists, my opinion is going to disappoint you.

The fact of the matter is that bitcoin is gonna be around for the long haul! And not only that, but also, bitcoin is gonna take the place of fiat currency. Traditional finance systems have been tumbling down slowly and irreversibly, and in the end, new cash systems like e-currencies will take their place.

Easiest way to get bitcoins

If you have a computer or a smartphone, you could use your device(s) to earn free bitcoins, at no cost at all! If you’d want to get free bitcoins, then follow this link: Minergate  

My offer still stands. I’m waiting for your addresses.


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