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review of luno: bitcoin wallet and exchange

Luno, formerly BitX, is a leading firm that provides financial solutions in the digital currencies sector.

Luno provides altcoin storage services and also offers exchange services between digital currencies and fiat money.

Luno has made it possible for its users to buy bitcoin and use them as payment in online shopping or send them to friends or even keep them as an investment.

In addition, it offers APIs so that developers my build bitcoin Apps.

The company was founded in 2013 by Marcus Swanepoel, Pieter Heyns, Carel Van Wyk, and Timothy Stranex.

Luno is headquartered in Singapore and has offices spread out in multiple countries (continents even) and their vision is to evolve into a global company.


Luno boasts of having a rigid security system that safeguards customer wealth.

Luno is one of the few major bitcoin companies that have not suffered an attack from hackers yet.

It is governed by a team of 40 technology and finance experts and together they make a formidable team that is going to take Luno into the world stage proper.

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Luno’s cofounder, Pieter Heyns, is the main man behind SegWit activation; and as the front-man in an innovative cause, we can only expect that he’s gonna do more for his company.

Company’s mission

The company has positioned itself as the platform that will usher in change into the finance sector. It aims to equip the system in order that transactions may be cheap, fast and fast, with users having total freedom and privacy.

Luno also aspires to put up structures that will ensure that equality is brought into the world, at least in the finance sector, so that factors like the country of residence of a customer or their ethnicity will have no significance when it comes to accessing services.

Luno appears to be a company that has put down the requisite foundation in order to make it as a FinTech company.

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