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Anonymous Ads (A-Ads) review: Best Bitcoin Advertising Network

Anonymous Ads or A-Ads (as commonly referred) is the largest and most impressive advertising network we have in the cryptocurrency economy.

Disclosure: all of the ads flashing on this website have been sourced from A-Ads!

Introduction to Anonymous Ads

A-Ads is unlike any other animal that exists to serve online publishers and advertisers.

Unlike when you sign up for, say, Google Adsense, at A-Ads you will not spend more than a minute (unless you’re a really backward person).

For one, the network upholds the crypto-community philosophia of being “anonymous”, and so, you are not required to submit your personal details like name or gender or your grandma’s phone number or your area of residence.

The most important thing that you must submit during sign up is your bitcoin address!

Publishers and Advertisers

Anonymous Ads caters to both advertisers and publishers.

For publishers, you have a number of tools at your disposal, and the ad categories are wide-ranging; you can choose from; banners, CPA, CPC, CPI, CPL, and CPM.

But the most popular categories are both CPM AND CPC.

The platform has an analytics tool installed so that you may keep watch at the impressions (or clicks) that your advert garners, and that way, you might be able to make necessary revisions.

The good thing about A-Ads is that there are almost no entry requirements; you just need to be a living human with a functional brain and some literacy.

For advertisers, the sign up is just as easy as it is for publishers; be anonymous, make a deposit; sit down and watch the results.

Payment method

The A-Ads network pays in bitcoins baby!

Fuck your dollars!

The best thing is that they send bitcoins to your address automatically once you reach the withdrawal limit, which is 0.0001BTC.

That’s an awfully low withdrawal limit!

Payments may be delayed if the bitcoin network has a considerable backlog of unconfirmed transactions.

Who owns A-Ads?

The owner has never come out in public.

But considering that the portal has bits of the Russian language, I have decided that the network is Russia-affiliated.

Should I join?

Of course, you should!

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