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Putin’s Russia Opens World’s Largest Blockchain Research Center

Russia for the longest time was seen as opposed to cryptocurrencies in general. But that impression appears to be slowly going away. No idea what has led to their new we-are-for-bitcoins attitude, but could be Japan’s lead to de-criminalize and mainstream bitcoin.

The state owned bank, Vnesheconombank, has launched a blockchain research center, in a move to encourage more developers into building blockchain apps.

Sources say that Vladimir Putin is keen on making Russia big on digital assets, and that it was him that commissioned the building of the Moscow-Headquartered research center.

putin's russia establishes a blockchain research center

Russia is a big player in the blockchain-world and it is open knowledge that most trail-blazing blockchain products have had Russian minds work on them.

Putin is seen as the most powerful person in the world because he leads a country with vast resources in terms of both intelligence and monetary.

With more and more banks becoming less hostile toward digital currencies and even world leaders backing them we can register that as a win for the crypto-lovers.

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Still, we have a long way to go because bitcoin is an illegal commodity in third world countries such as Venezuela, and progressive app developers based in these countries are having a nasty time of it being thrown in prison.


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