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Polybius Review

The rate of technological advancement in the 21st century boggles the mind. Many systems have come up which rely on extremely advanced technology, especially in the communication sector. But there are areas like traditional banking that have not experienced a major technological shift…

Well, not anymore, because Polybius Bank has come into the picture.


About Polybius  

In simple terms, Polybius is a global project with a mission of creating a regulated bank for the digital generation. In a sense, Polybius represents the future of banking. Combining the features of modern banking, IoT, big data, and blockchain-based technologies, Polybius will be a contemporary financial solutions provider catering to a global clientele.

As an automation and digitization ecosystem, Polybius aims to integrate individual accounts, company accounts, and entire industries, enabling access to both financial and industrial services. The system will work in a way as to accommodate anyone on the planet (which cannot be said of our current banks).

Polybius-Supported services:

1. Authorized Payment Institution

  • P2P Loans
  • Investment Portfolios
  • EBA Clearing
  • SWIFT Membership
  • EPC Rulebooks
  • API License
  • Payment Services

2. Electronic Money Institution

  • Consumer and working capital loans
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Card Issuing and Payment Acquiring through a BIN Principal Member
  • EMI License

3. Commercial Bank

  • Credit Cards
  • Savings Deposits
  • Open API Apps
  • Card Scheme Membership
  • Bank License


4. Digital Pass

  • Blockchain
  • Big Data
  • Applied AI
  • Internet of Things
  • eSignatures
  • eSeals

5. SME Financial Marketplace

  • Venture Capital
  • Crowdfunding
  • Insurance
  • Brokerage

Polybius Token

Polybius token – Polybius Blockchain Share – represents the right to receive a part of company’s profit. All token holders are eligible for obtaining dividends according to their stakes. Any number of tokens (100%) sold at the end of ICO have right to receive 20% of company’s profits

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Initial Coin Offering is a chance for people to raise startup capital by purchasing tokens (electronic shares). Investors receive the Polybius tokens to their wallet after ICO. At the end of the financial year, profits generated from Polybius are shared among investors according to the smart contract conditions.

Since the company is only starting, people are encouraged to buy the PLBT tokens now so that they may reap huge bonuses when this financial systems provider stabilizes.


Polybius Review

Advantages to customers

1. 20% of Polybius bank profit will be shared among dividend holders for life.

2. You can become a Polybius shareholder from the lowest price of $10.

3. During the Inital Coin Offer a maximum of 20M tokens are available.

4. Earlier investors stand to gain huge bonuses.

5. Smart contract powered

Supported technologies










Polybius Review

Key things to remember

Polybius Bank will operate on the principles of an Open API, employing reputable innovations and service within the framework of payment and data processing industry.

The activities of the Polybius Bank will be developed on an incremental basis investing the capital according to the development of the customer base and with the objective of maximizing the capital versus revenues ratio.

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By providing the infrastructure for system-to-system communications, Polybius Foundation will act as a Trustee service and will be responsible for the control and execution of compliance-related directives.

Designed to comprehend a variety of networks, the infrastructure of Polybius Foundation features a multi-segment decentralised data storage for personal data, cryptographic encryption of all entries and secure mechanisms of identification, authentication and authorisation of individuals and companies by means of the interconnected instruments.

The data will be driven from all the channels related to services of Polybius Bank, Digital Pass and its trusted entities for further processing and analysis. Due to the sensitive nature of the information and to ensure the scalability in processing capacities, the evaluation of data will be automated by means of applied AI algorithms.


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Polybius Review

Important People

Alexandr Gromov, Pavel Tshotski, Valentin Savchenko, Andrei Veressov, Tatjana Potapova, Ivan Zahharenko, Edgar Bers, Rena Reemet, Vitali Pavlov, Nikolay Pavlovskiy, Sergei Potapenko, Ivan Turig

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