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Pocket Dice: The First Realistic Bitcoin Dice Game

Are you interested in making cash out of trying your luck? Well, I’m gonna show you a system that’s gonna help you do just that: Pocket Dice.

pocket dice review

About Pocket Dice

First of all, Pocket Dice is provably fair, which means the system is designed to be impartial in selecting numbers, and so, players receive honest treatment.

For this quality, Pocket Dice has been touted as the first realistic bicoin dice game.


The game is designed so well it mimics the real dice. The developers abandoned the common structure of dice games and tried their best to come up with an original version of the bitcoin dice game. And the result has been a great bitcoin dice game that is provably fair.


Making money with Pocket Dice is simple. A user has to just choose his bet, over or under the one of the numbers a person can get by throwing two dice, then choose his bet amount and throw dice. Then you await your winnings or losses.

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Stable mobile and desktop version: Users may play Pocket Dice no matter what device they have, as the platform is receptive to both mobile and desktop users.

Instant lottery and free lottery available: Also this is an attempt to diversify the options that players have.

1000 free satoshi once per hour when balance gets lower than the amount of minimum bet: This is a way to reward its users and boost their morale. As you can see, Pocket Dice wants you to be a winner.

100% bonus on 1st deposit: If you deposit, say, 0.1 BTC, Pocket Dice will double your deposit so that you have, 0.2 BTC.

Autoplay mode available: You can switch on the autoplay mode into the system so that you have automatic winnings.

Strong security: The platform operates on strong security grounds and at no times are you subject to external attacks.

Exciting game: Above all you get to have a nice time playing the game.

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pocket dice review

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