Pheeva Wallet Review
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Pheeva Hot Wallet Review

Pheeva wallet is a bitcoin hot wallet that is free and easy to use.

Created for both mobile and desktop users, the wallet has a great interface that boosts up usability.

The Pheeva bitcoin wallet is portable, which means, you can sync your web wallet with your mobile, allowing you to bring it along wherever you are.

You can use Coin!Ds to send out bitcoins. CoinDs allows users to send out virtual currencies easily and freely.

The wallet is not aware of your sensitive account information; the far it goes is to only store your encrypted account details on their servers to make for easy syncing.

Adding bitcoins to your Pheeva account is damn easy; it can be through the generated qr code, the printed address, or even the CoinD account.

Wallet addresses are labeled, making it easy to send bitcoins on a single click, and also, you can make payments to any page with a bitcoin address.

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But the downsides of Pheeva are too much, though! It neither has a two-step authentication nor is it multi-signature. The wallet is not

Unlike mSIGNA wallet, this wallet is not open source.

When there are many free bitcoin wallets offering great functionality and security, signing up for mSIGNA sounds like a bad decision.

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