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Paymium Bitcoin Exchange

Paymium is a France-based exchange founded in 2011 by Gonzague Grandval and Pierre Noizat (who is the sitting CEO).

Paymium became the first bitcoin exchange in Europe to provide BTC to Euro exchange services as well as to support the sending and receiving of bitcoins via mail.

The Paymium platform is quick and secure, and is designed for the newbie bitcoin buyer, and using their platform, you can easily buy bitcoins, and either store them in the Paymium vault or transfer them into your wallet.

Beyond the individual bitcoin users, Paymium is a friend of merchants too, as it provides them payment processors, thus widening their payment avenues.

The advantages of using Paymium are their low transaction costs, minimized currency risks, and foolproof security mechanisms.

You can make deposits through SEPA and credit card, and for BTC deposits, Paymium does not charge you. When it comes to withdrawal of your earnings, you can do so via SEPA again, or via the bitcoin network, and Paymium will pay the transaction fee.

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Paymium allows you to send bitcoins around the world through email at no charge!

Mobile App

The Paymium mobile app is for android and ios users.

Using the app, you may buy or sell bitcoins, keep track of the evolution of the bitcoin price, as well as manage your transaction history.

Considering how feature-rich the App is, against the fast-rising bitcoin price, you may take advantage and make some dough by engaging in bitcoin arbitrage. If you want your money to sit pretty and await the massive gains; you’re covered too.


The app has advanced features like elegant graphs and a clean user interface.

Using the customizable graphs, you are able to track the bitcoin price evolution, and are fully informed when taking risks.


Paymium is here to help merchants integrate their businesses into bitcoin payment. The platform offers enterprise plugins to businesses and charge backs, and to top it off, the package comes with a six-month trial.

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