ethereum review

Ethereum Overview

Ethereum is a decentralized platform that aims to build perfect applications that run exactly as designed i.e. there is no downtime, censorship, fraud, or any kind of interference. These faultless applications are “housed” within a shared, global infrastructure that can move value around and represent ownership of property, which creates an ocean of utilities that

zcash overview

Zcash Overview

Zcash is a digital currency in the vein of bitcoin, except it makes anonymous all the details of a transaction; i.e. the transacting parties and the value being transacted. Using this shield feature, blockchain “watchers” cannot track down the sender, the receiver or the value. Fungible Zcash is fungible in that it sets apart shielded

Bitcoin review

Bitcoin Overview

Bitcoin is an innovative value token that is created and distributed digitally. This digital currency has triggered a revolution in the finance sector. Peer to Peer The bitcoin network is accessible by anyone with a computer and internet connection, and once he connects their node (computer) to the network, he becomes a peer. Worldwide payments

21 review Overview

Founder Balaji Srinivasan   The design of is a perfect mix of Linkedin and email. The program is aimed to make you, the account holder, to earn from the messages that get sent to you. Setting up a profile will put you on your way to receiving paid messages and you can keep

blockcypher overview

BlockCypher Overview

Founders Catherine Nicholson   Matthieu Riou   BlockCypher is a software company that plays a key role in setting up blockchain applications. Multiple Data Centers BlockCypher’s architecture allows them to run in multiple data centers for redundacy and low-latency. APIs Simple and easy APIs enable developers to build blockchain applications quickly and confidently. Cloud Infrastructure

bitaccess review

Bitaccess Overview

Founder Moe Adham   Bitaccess is a technological outfit that is playing a critical role in the production and consumption of digital currencies. The company has simplified the process of buying bitcoins by creating bitcoin ATMs all over the world. And so, the process of buying bitcoins is painless; you just type in the amount

case hardware wallet review

Case Hardware Wallet Overview

Founder Melanie Shapiro   Any bitcoin user understands that hardware wallets offer the best security simply because the keys are both generated and stored offline. Case is a bitcoin hardware wallet with very advanced security features. It is a multi-signature, multi-factor wallet that requires 2 of 3 keys for a transaction to take place. The

btcjam overview

BTCjam Overview

Founder Celso Pitta   BTCjam is a platform that helps diverse people to connect and one that also facilitates borrowing and lending using bitcoin. The company was set up to help the world’s un-banked people (who are several billions) because life can get tough borrowing from loan sharks. Their mission is to make credit affordable

kraken overview

Kraken Overview

Founder Jesse Powell   Kraken is not very different than coinbase in the sense that it is also a global platform for buying and selling digital currencies. Except, when coinbase supports only three currencies, which are: ETH, BTC, AND LTC, Kraken supports many more; XBT, ETC, REP, XLM, XDG, XRP, XMR, and ZEC. Liquidity The exchange