Omniwallet Review
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Omniwallet review

Although still in development, Omniwallet is a bitcoin web wallet that promises to give bitcoiners security and stability alike.

Much like Agama wallet, Omniwallet is open source too.

The wallet ensures the highest level of security as private keys are never broadcasted outside the secure element of the app.

Sensitive wallet info is kept inside the wallet in an encrypted form and never leaves too.

The servers are decentralized, which means, you can run your own server and host an Omniwallet.

Omniwallet comes with an inbuilt support for bitcoin, TestOmni, and Omni, and there is support for smart properties as well.

The wallet interface is great and users have it easy getting around.

It remains to be seen whether they’ll transform this plans into reality or whether Omniwallet is gonna sink down.

Omniwallet features

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