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NXTP Labs: Latin Venture Capital Firm

Founded: 2011

Headquarters: Buenos Aires

Key People: Gonzalo Costa, Marta Cruz, Francisco Coronel, Ariel Arrieta

Nxtp Labs Review - Bitcoin Startup

NXTP Labs is a seed and early stage venture capital firm for tech companies in Latin America.

The firm targets businesses in the following sectors: bitcoin, education, e-commerce, finance, venture capital, automotive, mobile.

Since cryptocurrencies began to appreciate in value, NXTP has put more effort into crypto-investments, funding crypto-centric businesses in both seed and early stage capital.

The firm usually puts down a seed of up to $25000 and the amounts may add up to $1000000 in follow up rounds.

Besides providing capital, the firm also acts as a powerful network for business execs, entrepreneurs, investors, and organizations.


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