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NetCents to provide direct purchase of bitcoins

NetCents goes down as the first Online Payments Company to support the direct purchase of bitcoins using a MasterCard.

Industry watchers believe that this move is aimed at positioning NetCents as the go-to platform for customers that want to transition from fiat money into cryptocurrencies.

The company’s founder, Mr. Clayton Moore, said, “This is a major opportunity for Netcents and an immense one for the cryptocurrency sector. No one else offers direct bitcoin purchase with MasterCard or VISA. NetCents has streamlined the process of purchasing with cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins.”

He continued, “We are leaping onto the world stage by offering services that others don’t, and to do it with access to the world, including the fast-growing Chinese electronic payment market is a massive step forward for the company. NetCents is finding its niche in capturing the migration from cash to digital currency by utilizing innovative Blockchain technology to provide payment solutions that are simple to use, secure and worry free”.

The news about NetCents improving their processing technology in order to facilitate the direct purchase of bitcoins comes at a time when bitcoin prices are on steroids.

At present, bitcoin is within an inch of smashing the $1300 record set in 2013.

Also, early in the week, bitcoin was lauded as “the next big thing” by the former billionaire, Mike Novogratz, who revealed that he’s holding 10% of his net worth in digital money.


NetCents is an online payment solutions and technology company that is trusted by hundreds of thousands of online businesses.

It offers flexible tools to execute online commerce in an array of areas such as crowd funding, marketing, online stores, and subscription.

Users may set up secure accounts to transact, send and receive money.

Future of bitcoin

Coming at a period when bitcoin ETF has been rejected by the SEC, the move by NetCents to implement direct purchase of bitcoin has been received with gladness by the bitcoin community.

It remains to be seen which other online payment systems will come onboard.


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