Neema review: the first bitcoin virtual bank
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Neema review: the first bitcoin virtual bank

Introducing Neema

Neema is a pioneer FinTech digital bank. It provides first rate banking services to the unbanked workers. Users may access the platform through their mobile devices, so they won’t need to walk up in a bank.

Neema’s slogan; “Bitcoin, with trust and stability” is a clear indication that the platform is a bitcoin startup, but it also accepts fiat currency from customers, though.

Neema was developed with the mission of moving people’s money from traditional banks into the convenient digital banks where fees are low and transactions instantaneous.

Being a feature-rich platform, users of Neema are able to track their expenses and manage their money. In short, users obtain optimum banking services, at almost zero cost!


The first step with Neema is to sign up for an account and get issued their MasterCard. The MasterCard may be used to pay for goods or services anywhere in the world.

The Neema app on your mobile device is then linked to your MasterCard, and so you’ll be able to manage your funds quite easily.

Deposits are done through the MoneyGram network or by scanning a check on the Neema app so that money may be transferred into your linked MasterCard.

You can send money across the world at incredibly low rates. Neema is even designed to integrate with your social media network, and if you were sending money to any of your friends, it would cost you nothing!


Do you find it tedious to form a queue in the bank in order to cash out checks?

The Neema app lets you scan your check and then the money will be deposited into your account!


  • 24/7 sending
  • MasterCard
  • Check deposit
  • Multiple deposit locations


Neema is a bitcoin startup that aims to transform banking as we know it. Its founders, Barak Ben-Ezer and Asi Sivan, have a background in software engineering.

Neema goes down as the startup that has made it easy to send money anywhere and also made it easier to shop online and pay bills.

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