Multibit Wallet Review
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Multibit HD Wallet Review

MultiBit HD 

This is HD wallet, just like BitX wallet, is open source.

If you are an ordinary user of Bitcoin and want a wallet that just works, then MultiBit HD is the right choice for you.

These are some of the benefits of the MultiBit Wallet:

  1. Quick and easy to install
  2. support all major desktop operating systems (Windows, OS X, Linux)
  3. Secure by design
  4. All your data is kept encrypted on your local machine and we support hardware wallets such as Trezor
  5. Deterministic
  6. A set of wallet words protects your bitcoin from data loss
  7. Decentralised
  8. No fixed servers only the Bitcoin network
  9. International
  10. supports over 40 languages

Here are the important capabilities of MultiBit HD:

  1. Simple and intuitive user interface – big accessible controls each with a clear purpose
  2. No worrying about losing private keys any more – use your “wallet words” (seed phrase) to restore them
  3. Fast and lightweight block chain download just like MultiBit Classic (SPV) about 25MB overall
  4. Private Contacts database with private notes and tags
  5. Private Payments database with integrated exchange rates
  6. Adjustable fees
  7. Adjustable units (support for bits, ubits, millis etc)
  8. Integrated exchange rates from multiple exchanges to support national currencies
  9. Export transactions with spot rates to a financial package in standard CSV format
  10. Themes to suit different lighting conditions
  11. Detailed integrated Help if you get stuck
  12. Available in many languages
  13. Disaster recovery features

Everybody experiences data loss at some point. Here is how you are shielded from this using MultiBit HD:

If You lose your password – click Restore on credentials screen and recover it from local backup with your “wallet words” (seed phrase)
If you delete all your local backups (hard drive error) – automatic restore from cloud backup
If you delete all your local and cloud backups (stolen laptop) – select “Restore from wallet words” and follow the instructions
If you forget your wallet words – unlock your firesafe and retrieve the laminated paper copy you made
If you lose your Trezor – restore the Trezor wallet from your “wallet words” and move the bitcoins to safety


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