Mobi Wallet Review
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Mobi Wallet Review

Mobi is a secure and multi-currency bitcoin wallet.

It comes along with the Mobi visa card.

You can download the app from either Apple store or Google play.

Mobi is at the forefront of providing bitcoin payment solutions; you can pay for services using the app, and also, you can perform cross-border money transactions.

Like Wirex wallet, you can spend your funds using a debit card issued by Mobi.

Mobi wallet has high-security standards and uses 2FA during logins.

Though Electrum wallet allows mobile users, its functionally simply cannot match that of Mobi’s.

The biggest disadvantage about mobi seems to be its only focusing on mobile users. While that is laudable, considering there are more mobile users than desktop users, still it wouldn’t hurt to diversify their range of choices.

Mobi is compatible with the bitcoin network and is at the forefront of revolutionizing global payment systems.

The fact that Mobi is not architected as open-source is another disadvantage of Mobi.

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