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How Thousands of Altcoin Miners Are Making Money From Their Computers & Phones


Nowadays, anybody looking to make a profit out of mining digital currencies must buy a contract from cloud mining companies such as:

Genesis Mining



However, joining these cloud mining companies is going to cost you lots of money, as you must pay monthly fees.

Using Your Computer or Smartphone

But today’s post is about the dead broke fellow who still wants to get into altcoin mining (and he has no cents on him).

Well, I’m gonna show you a system to mine altcoins such as ethereum, litecoin and dogecoin with zero initial investment.

Hundreds of thousands of people around the world are in it and earning daily.

In this system, you are only gonna need your computer, or your smartphone, connected to the internet.

You’re gonna lend your device’s processing power to the system, in order to boost the hashing power, and then you’re gonna get a share of the total mined altcoins.

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You can convert your altcoins into your currency of choice, whether cryptocurrency or fiat currency.

So what is this system that I’m talking about?

It’s called: Minergate

Minergate is a cryptocurrency GUI multipool miner. Programmed to mine most profitable digital currency. Use the software to mine altcoins through either the smart mining option or by selecting your preferred digital currency manually.


Minergate utilizes the GUI miner for altcoin mining. All the profits are deposited into your wallet. You may convert the coins into fiat or spend them online.

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