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Luno Exchange Review

Formerly known as BitX, Luno is a pioneer cryptocurrency company.

Started in 2014, the exchange has processed transactions worth about a billion dollars.

The exchange is synced with the Luno wallet, which offers storage services for customer digital wealth.

Key People

1. Marcus Swanepoel – CEO

2. Pieter Heyns – Co founder

3. Vijay Ayyar – Head of Business Development

4. Tim Stranex – CTO

5. Carel Van Wyk – Co founder

6. Werner Van Rooyen – Business Development & Growth

Luno is headquartered in Singapore, but it has offices in Kenya, Malaysia, Indonesia, Nigeria and South Africa.


Getting started on the Luno trading platform is a painless task. A new user must sign up via the website and verify their email address.

Next, they’ll have to top up their accounts through their method of choice; it could be either credit card or bank transfer (dont try this, too slow!)

And finally, the user may proceed to buy bitcoins. The process is seamless and there is the support team to help any user who’s lost about the whole process.

When you have make a purchase, you may transfer the bitcoins into a separate wallet address, or alternatively, you may keep your bitcoins in the Luno wallet.

Using Bitcoin 

Some people are getting into bitcoin to make a quick buck out of the steadily rising prices through bitcoin arbitrage, and others are getting into it to hoddle, and others yet treat bitcoin as a value store. Whatever may be your inspiration to get into bitcoin, you can trust Luno to assist you along the way.


Their powerful security systems are a contributing factor to why Luno, unlike many other bitcoin exchanges, has never been hacked. Customer wealth is kept in offline safe boxes under heavy security.

Skilled Team

The platform has the advantage of being ran by extremely skilled individuals who have in their former lives worked for big companies such as Google and Microsoft. Bringing their technological and financial competencies into Luno, you expect a really powerful platform there.


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