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Luis Suarez Promotes Blockchain on Instagram

Blockchain technology is changing the world. It is simply a public ledger for storing records in block format whose entries cannot be edited. The technology could be applied in all industries, but at the moment, it is being used mainly as the platform for digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Digital currencies have created new business gaps like payment gateways, exchanges, crypto-media, and many more. It seems that the most favored promotional method by crypto-businesses is to enlist celebrities as marketers, against the traditional advertising models through for instance media houses and online agencies.

Stox Alpha is one of the crypto-businesses boosting its brand by involving celebrities.

Luis Suarez, Barcelona’s lethal striker, posted on his gram about the upcoming launch of Stox Alpha, and as expected, a conversation about the platform was generated, effectively boosting brand awareness among targets, and will possibly result in impulsive buying of digital token shares.

luis suarez promotes blockchain on his gram

Based on the Ethereum blockchain, Stox Alpha is creating the world’s best prediction market, using Ethereum apps like smart contracts. Users will be able to foretell future market prices, and thus, make sound financial decisions.

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Luis Suarez joins a host of other celebrities like Floyd Mayweather and The Game who have been promoting blockchain-related products on their fan pages.

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