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LocalBitcoins Review

Here’s is a bitcoin startup that is dedicated to serving the whole of humanity.

Localbitcoins was started by two brothers, Jeremias Kangas and Nikolaus Kangas, in Finland, to provide a P2P marketplace for bitcoins.

Localbitcoins operates in all countries and it works by uniting buyers and sellers into one platform in order to conduct business most easily.

In recent times, the company has made waves when it facilitated transaction of bitcoins worth in excess of $45M in a single day (as that time bitcoin and had massive gains.)

Localbitcoins charges a small amount of fees on transactions, and the managers say that the rates will go down as the volume of subscribers increase, so that in the long run, Localbitcoins will be the #1 bitcoin startup with the lowest processing fees!

Localbitcoins is well designed and the escrow system has been implemented to protect both buyers and sellers from unscrupulous dealers who might cheat.

All in all, Localbitcoins is a playing a great role in the bitcoin ecosystem.

The only criticism I have heard directed toward the company is about bureaucracy (ironic, right?). Well, sometimes Localbitcoins passes off as a distant company with no staff on the other end, and it’s something that needs to stop so that customers may feel cared for.


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