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Loadoo Review

For those of you that handle bitcoins via cards, you probably have the Cryptopay Bitcoin Debit Card.

Well, Cryptopay is a good card. But why not look at another option?

(Drum roll)


The Loadoo Bitcoin GBP debit card can be purchased both in virtual or physical formats. The Loadoo card can be topped up with both Bitcoin and PayPal. It can be used to spend Bitcoin online, offline and to get cash at any ATM.

Basically, it has the same functionalities as Cryptopay, and although not as advanced, Loadoo is still a great card to have. Users will enjoy the functionality ease that the card provides.

It’s greatest no-doubt is the fact that Loadoo accepts paypal withdrawals. Knowing how PayPal can be hostile to bitcoin-centric programs, this is clearly a win.

What do Customers Get?

1. Duality. You may order either the physical card or the virtual visa card. The virtual card is cheaper than the physical card. But functionality wise, both cards are pretty much sufficient.

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2. Paypal functionality. You can top up your card from blockchain or from online payment services like Paypal. Evidently, Paypal has stopped being hostile to cryptocurrencies, and Loadoo has capitalized on it.

3. ATM cash withdrawal. Using the Loadoo devit card, you may withdraw the fiat-money equivalent of your cryptocurrency balance through your local ATM. This makes it possible to even back-pack with only your Loadoo card as it offers this ability to switch between currencies.

4. Low Fees. Loadoo only takes a slight percentage as transaction fee. This is a very advantageous quality considering that one may make large transactions at relatively low fees.

5. Make purchase both offline and online. Using Loadoo, one may make purchases both online and offline at visa-accepting merchants with no hassles.

6. Low requirements to get started. It is free to get started and also you won’t have to supply your ID. Also they offer free worldwide debit card delivery.

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7. High security. The platform is highly secured against any form of attacks. 

8. UI. The card has great usability through its great user interface.

9. Support. Live support is available throughout and also there is ticketing and email.


No ID required

Simple registration

Real time statement

Lightning-fast issuance

Safe and secure

Many payment method options


Loadoo Review

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