litecoin review
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Litecoin Overview

Just like bitcoin, litecoin is a decentralized digital currency based on blockchain.

Litecoin wallet

To get started, you must download a litecoin wallet for your device (whether desktop, android phone, windows, tablet or laptop) for this is where you will store your litecoins.

Buy Litecoin

Unless you are a litecoin miner, then the other main way to own litecoins is by buying. So you must sign up at a litecoin exchange and buy litecoins and after payment the litecoins are sent to your wallet.

Purchase products/pay for services

Now that litecoin is loaded in your wallet, you may spend it on online stores purchasing goods, paying for services, or you may decide to hoard.


Litecoin may have not experienced massive gains in price but it still has potential to become a most valuable digital currency.


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