Ledger Nano S review
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Ledger Nano S Wallet Review

With the soaring market price of bitcoin, one thing is sure, there is going to be a demand for bitcoin wallets.

Already, there’s a demand for the Ledger Nano S, and when you visit their website, you’ll notice a warning that the company is processing large shipping orders, and so, your order might be late in coming.

The Ledger Nano S

One of the best altcoin hardware wallets for storing cryptographic assets and processing digital payments.

Using the Ledger dongle, you may connect to a Windows, Mac or Linux device and manage your cryptographic assets.

The dongle is lightweight, has an OLED display embedded, and is aimed at solving bitcoin payments solutions, just like WageCan wallet and the rest.

Total Privacy

Privacy is an essential element in the cryptocurrency world.

Your private keys must be kept away from prying eyes, and wallet details such as PIN must be kept away too, else someone is gonna access your wallet, and we’ll read about you in the newspapers.

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With the Ledger Nano S, the issue of privacy is well taken care of.

The Ledger Nano S operates within a rigid secure element and outbound transactions will require you approve them first before they can go through.


Though the ledger is not as decorated as, say, Bitlox wallet, it still has a wealth of features.

First off, we have an OLED screen; which is very important for logins and transaction signing.

The Ledger supports multi currencies; which means, you could have a use for it beyond bitcoins; as it supports Litecoin and Ethereum as well.

The Ledger has a two-step authentication procedure that is sure to eliminate any fraud activity. Sensitive operations take place inside the secure element that is PIN protected.

The wallet is open source, and developers may build their own apps into it, and besides that, the ledger supports a multitude of companion apps.

The Ledger is also FIDO certified for conducting two-factor authentications (you could use it in areas unrelated to bitcoin).

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Your account is backed up using a recovery sheet, and if your wallet ever got lost, you are able to re-create it.


For the longest time, Ledger had been an underdog, and this device gave them visibility, and the device that came next i.e. the Ledger Blue wallet,  put them a step ahead of Trezor wallet and KeepKey wallet.

A lot of people are buying it, and so should you!

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