Ledger Blue review: revolutionary hardware wallet
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Ledger Blue review: revolutionary hardware wallet

It seems to me that Europe is more proactive about the crypto-economy than America or any other region is.

I’m saying this because Europe has given the world two high-flying hardware wallets: Trezor, and Ledger, whereas America has made only one; the KeepKey, which is purportedly a clone of Trezor!

Ledger, the French technology startup that builds personal security gadgets and hardware modules outdid itself with their most recent hardware wallet: the Ledger Blue.

The Ledger Blue


Ledger Blue review: revolutionary hardware wallet


This lightweight device with a Zamak frame and plastic case is the most advanced hardware wallet on the market.

It is architected around a secure element and executes multiple applications.

Having incorporated first-rate aesthetics into its design, the Ledger Blue attains parity with the iPhone in terms of being avant-garde.


Ledger (the company) claims to have developed this product after more than a two-year research period!

The outcome was a product that provided optimum altcoin security as well as protected smart contracts.


The device is built on a secure element, which means it is totally isolated, and so, at no time will malware interact with the device’s system.


Ledger Blue review: revolutionary hardware wallet


The Ledger Blue utilizes a LED backlight display, and a scratch-resistant touch screen, against Trezor, KeepKey, and Ledger Nano S, all of which utilize OLED displays, and are not touch screen.

Also, the Ledger Blue becomes the first hardware wallet to feature lipo-rechargeable batteries; most other hardware wallets are powered by complementary devices e.g. your computer.

Multi Apps Support

Another complex feature presented by the Ledger Blue is its multi-app support that runs in full isolation, and this would ease the life of a cryptocurrency enthusiast, considering he doesn’t have to switch devices.

And more importantly, even altcoins that are yet to be created may be integrated into the device!

The featured companion apps include bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, fido u2f, dogecoin, zcash, dash, and stratis.

Supported integrations include ledger wallet bitcoin, electrum, greenbits, ledger wallet ethereum, mycelium, bitgo, copay, and my ether wallet.


Initializing the gadget is a painless task as you will connect to your device and follow instructions, which include, setting the PIN and downloading an extension.

Backup and restoration

Considering that man is to error, you may somehow lose your device, but the recovery seed that you must write down at set up will assist you to take back possession of your digital assets using a supported wallet-integration like Electrum or Mycelium.


€ 229

Considering all of its features, I wouldn’t say that the Ledger Blue is an expensive gadget; at least you get value out of it.

You may buy @ Amazon or @ Ledger

Ledger Blue Vs Ledger Nano S, Trezor, and KeepKey

When I first came across KeepKey, I was totally taken by how sweet the device appeared. And I was equally awed at Trezor vault feature. Well, the Ledger Nano S didn’t move me much. But the Ledger Blue?

Is a revolutionary product

One more thing! *Steve Jobs voice*

When you open the package, you won’t find an anti-tamper seal.

The Ledger Blue is cryptographically configured to perceive any “mal-intent” using its secure element technology.

And also, it is failsafe; which means it will shut down after three login errors.

Should you buy it?

With all the nasty things I have said above, I don’t see the reason why.

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