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LakeBTC Exchange Review

Headquartered in China, LakeBTC is a virtual bitcoin exchange managed by the Lake Investments Limited. Using this platform, one may be able to trade, track bitcoin price, and manage risks.


The team behind LakeBTC has a solid background in risk management in financial environments. Therefore, you can expect nothing but topnotch security in LakeBTC.

To protect customer wealth against theft, LakeBTC has erected a foolproof security system consisting of: SSL encryption, cold storage, two-step authentication, sms transaction confirm, and PINs.

The platform offers fast trade matches, maintaining seamless transactions, and therefore minimizing loopholes. Additionally, the platform provides highly-secure market data, and APIs for advanced users and bitcoin developers.


An exchange may have a lot going, but if they fail where it matters most, that is, on liquidity, then the exchange becomes just another company.

LakeBTC, however, offers high liquidity to investors, institutions, merchants, miners, traders, exchangers, and professional groups; and has done it for so long.

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All leading media recognize LakeBTC as a top bitcoin exchange with a key role in the bitcoin ecosystem.


In some bitcoin marketplaces, customers are “judged” basing on different parameters, so that, for instance, a certain clique of bitcoiners enjoys certain privileges at the expense of the rest.


LakeBTC looks out for the interests of all its users through market surveillance and risk management; effectively preventing possible injustices. The platform-user is protected against financial predators, frauds, market manipulators, trade errors, and bots.

Quick Service

Built using state of the art technology, the platform executes relatively fast transactions, and as a consequence, there is high customer satisfaction, which is evident from the praise that LakeBTC attracts in online forums.


Like Paymium, LakeBTC is also at the forefront of mainstreaming bitcoin, and one of the ways this is being done is by involving merchants. LakeBTC is providing e-commerce stores tools to integrate bitcoin into their business, and in consequence, customers will have a practical use for bitcoins.

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